Another Thought for All

O-Prize is an open innovation platform provided by the Circle Foundation
to contribute to improving the quality of life for everybody in our society
through creative ideas and solutions to social challenges.

How to Participate

No Limits To Anyone

Anyone anywhere in the world

Anyone who is eager to help create a better society can participate in solving social challenges wherever they are in the world.
O-prize offers a platform where good ideas that dream of changing our society can be materialized with useful
technology by discovering social challenges, sharing ideas, and solving problems through collaboration.

  • Create

  • A society we build together

    Change begins where creative ideas for solving social challenges meet advanced technologies.
    The Circle Foundation is looking for ideas and solutions to solve our society's problems and building a better society via O-Prize.

    The themes of the 2022 O-Prize are
    "Disability + Mobility" and "Free themes on Social Challenges"

    Disability + Mobility
    An idea for "Good Mobility" to improve mobility for the disabled and the elderly (Including personal mobility aids, solutions for transportation convenience, etc.)

    Free themes on Social Challenges
    Anyone can apply if they have an idea/solution for solving our Social Challenges.
    (e.g. climate change, protection of environment and ecosystem, eco-friendly energy, medical health, cybersecurity, aerospace, robotics, technology/products/services to support developing countries and refugees, etc.)
    However, it must be a concrete and realistic idea/solution with the potential to solve the problem.