How to participate

We are looking for a "Good Mobility" solution that will improve the quality of life for neighbors who have difficulties with mobility.

Fields of Contest

Anyone can apply if they have an idea/solution for solving our social challenges.


Guidelines for "Disability + Mobility" theme

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  • Propose creative and feasible ideas/solutions that can increase the mobility of the disabled and the elderly.

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  • Subjects may range from persons with physical disabilities (visual, hearing, physical disabilities, etc.) to mental disabilities (developmental and mental disabilities), as well as the elderly and disabled.

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  • As an example of the scope for better understanding, the following may apply, to which the scope of the proposal is not limited:

  • Ideas/solutions to solve problems that occur when using public transportation (bus, subway, etc.) and other means of transport (automobile, airplane, etc.)

    e.g.) Assistive technology devices for vehicles to solve the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities while driving a car, etc.

  • Ideas + solutions for people with disabilities and the elderly to improve mobility by using or wearing mobility aids

    e.g.) Self-driving electric wheelchair or rental service to solve the inconvenience of being unable to move freely without a caregiver

    - Specific ideas/solutions to solve the inconvenience of using mobility aids (wheelchairs, walking aids, etc.)
    - Specific ideas/solutions to improve mobility by wearing assistive hardware (brace appliances, robotic suits, etc.) on the body

  • Ideas/solutions to solve problems that occur when moving from indoors to outdoors

    e.g.) Smart sensor or navigation service to solve the difficulty of walking in a building for the visually disabled

    - Specific ideas/solutions to solve the inconvenience of moving in indoor environments such as house or building
    - Concrete ideas/solutions to improve the difficulties encountered when moving to outdoor environments such as convenience and cultural facilities, airports, cities, and rural areas

  • Other ideas/solutions to solve the difficulties encountered when moving


Guidelines for "Free themes on Social Challenges"

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  • Propose creative and feasible ideas/solutions that can solve various social challenges occurring in our society.

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  • As examples of social challenges for better understanding, there are ten social challenges defined by Korean government(2018) as follows:
    (However, it is not limited to the following areas.)

  • Health: Chronic diseases, rare intractable diseases, addictions, degenerative brain/neurological diseases, mental disorders, and intellectual disabilities

  • Environment: Household waste, indoor air pollution, water pollution, environmental hormones, industrial waste, fine dust, microplastics

  • Culture and leisure: Cultural isolation, lack of cultural and leisure spaces

  • Life safety: Sex crimes, food safety, cybercrime, family safety accident, white-collar crime, invasion of privacy, side effects of cryptocurrency

  • Disasters: Meteorological disaster, chemical accident, infectious disease, radioactive contamination, earthquake, fire safety

  • Energy: Electricity supply and demand, energy poverty

  • Housing and transport: defective/old houses, traffic congestion, traffic safety

  • Family: Elderly isolation/suicide, domestic violence, low birth rate

  • Education: Educational gap, school violence

  • Social integration: Healthcare gap, information gap, inconvenient living conditions for the underprivileged, discrimination in labor markets

  • Data sourced from the 2nd S&T Comprehensive Plan for Solving Social Challenges Based on the Science and Technology and Supporting the Activation of R&D Projects for Solving Social Challenges implemented by the Korean government (2018 to 2022)


2022 O-Prize Process


The prizes and rewards may be modified depending on criteria of evaluation and award informed on the contest website